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The Ambassador - Pet portrait

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Can you already imagine the proud face of your pet, depicted on a unique work of art? Show your love in a fun and meaningful way with a custom portrait from My Cartoon!

After placing your order, our experienced team of designers is immediately ready to send you a proof with unlimited revisions within 24 hours. We will continue until the design is completely to your liking!

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The perfect gift for pet owners!

Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as the approval is passed, the product goes into production immediately and we can no longer process adjustments for the portrait. Our design system is directly linked to the printing presses and this system cannot be interrupted. If approval is accidentally given, this is not reversible. We can (depending on the product type) give a discount for a reprint with the modified design. Please inquire about customer service via chat or via

If you have not yet received a trial design, you can cancel the order free of charge. If you have received the design and still want to cancel the order, you are entitled to a refund of 75% of the purchase amount. We retain the remaining 25% for the design costs incurred.

When ordering a canvas or plexiglass you will receive a free hanging set!

Yes. We regularly receive requests for unique designs that are not on the website. Feel free to send our customer service a message with your ideas and we will be happy to look at the possibilities with you

We work together with several production partners to be able to deliver the best quality quickly. If you order different product types, it is possible that the products are delivered separately. Are you still missing a product after a few days? Please contact customer service and we will check the current status.


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P. P. v.
Morris's owner was pleasantly surprised with this portrait of his little friend. The photo comes out beautiful view on the canvas canvas.
Guida J.
Super fun way to honor lovely pets.
Daphne A.
You never know what something will look like with the photo of your own pet but I was really very pleasantly surprised when I got to see the example. I asked twice for an adjustment because I had doubts about colors but Total was not made difficult about this. I gave the poster as a gift and they thought it was really cool!
Marjolein H.
Great communication
Wynona G.
Very satisfied with the service of this company. Due to some delivery issues by the delivery company, My Cartoon made sure that we could give our birthday present on time. They personally delivered it. The quality of the painting is above expectations and is a great reminder.
Ac S.
I gave this as a present to my brother-in-law and he hadn't had this for a long time Received a beautiful and original gift. He said that's just my dog ​​really cool. So these are beautiful and personal gifts to give. This is a poster A4 size list you can find at b.c You know ;). Mrs. Ac
P L v.
What a beautiful portrait, even the special lip of our cat is perfect on it. Ordered to give away as a gift but I already have it in use as a background. Every time the image puts a smile on my face
Ac W.
When I unpacked the package, it was exactly what I had in mind, it turned out so beautiful . I have it framed in a beautiful antique black and gold frame. Truly an eye catcher in the house and had many reactions to it. 10 points ;) and thanks again for your good service.
Monique K.
Very nice and funny photo, happy with it! It's a present for my sister's birthday. She will love her buddy's photo. I'll be curious about her reaction later, I'll find it laughable.
B. A. v.
Easy to order and super fast delivery! A very original gift and the quality is fantastic!
Marjo d.
We are really super excited! Up to 2 x they have made an adjustment and within a few hours you got another example of this. The example was so beautiful that I thought it might be a bit disappointing in real life. And believe it or not, but the original is even more beautiful!!!
Cindy T.
My husband got it as a present.He thought I had just ordered a poster "So that really looks like our Willem" he said. I say "because our Willem is real"! He really loved it and so did I. Beautifully made. thanks Greetings Chris, Cindy and Willem
Julia L.
Super cool gift to my brother because he is out of that house and because he misses our dog. A real addition to his home he is very happy with it! Thank you.
French W.
Experienced fantastic service. Beautiful portrait. A keepsake to recommend to everyone. Also kudos to your customer service doe so kindly helped me. In one word great.
Mouse O.
Haha! Nice cat looked at us and walked on! Glad we can enjoy his dressed-up version so much!!!
Sharon V.
My husband surprised for his birthday with this great portrait of our dogs. These will hang in our living room for years to come!
Annabel Q.
So funny!!
Caroline v.
It was a fantastic moment when I saw the photo. It's all him, his nice goofy look my ambassador. Rex is now nine years old and has stood by me through very dark times and now his gray snout and his sweet eyes that always follow me everywhere are immortalized in this beautiful painting. My faithful and best friend forever. Greetings from Den Bosch, Caroline and a leg of Rex
Peggy S.
Very happy with this portrait of Dries! Now it hangs among the other photos of our family and is completely part of it
Frank M.
Great job, very happy with it..
Saskia d.
You do what you promise and I love that! Changes have been made with care and the quality of the print is good. Well done guys, thank you!
Bo S.
Super nice portrait, good clear information and service. Really recommend!!
Kris M.
Very beautiful, they shine on the wall.
Linda d.
Super happy with it... an asset to the living room, it's also nice that you have already been able to apply edits
Sabina J.
Really super and fast
Joke v.
I had a photo printed in 'costume' of my daughter's deceased cat. The result was beautiful. The change I wanted, extra lighting for the eyes, was carried out promptly and after my agreement the end result was on the doormat a day later, perfectly packaged. Excellent quality and service. Also very nice, easy to reach by phone! I will also photograph the other pets and have them printed ...
Very happy with the result!
Selynda T.
Very happy with the result! Looks just like our cat! Was a good and fast service!
Neele S.
Super fast delivery, super service, great result!!
Saskia O.
The result is beautiful and the order was delivered very quickly. We are very happy with it.
Dayna V.
Very nice that you can give your own comments before the portrait is sent. Contacted customer service very quickly via Messenger. After confirming the design, I had the photos in my mailbox within 3 days. I am very satisfied with it!
Dennis S.
We are very satisfied with the quality and our wishes have been listened carefully.
Zara D.
Beautifully done! Highly recommended!
Sandra H.
Beautiful, fast and super cool!
Anouska T.
Super well done already ordered before it is not ok then it will be adjusted good contact will also recommend this to others already done so commands will follow from the main coon cat!
Joyce V.
Won this canvas through a fb action, I've wanted this from our handsomedd Duuk for so long.Received the design quickly and were in love, certainly no more adjustments needed! This passed on and a few days later the canvas was delivered. Mega proud and in love, thank you very much!
Melissa L.
Even more beautiful than I expected! Don't hesitate, just order!
Jolanda V.
Beautifully done
Neat V.
Super good quality, fast delivery and it is well worth the price! Can't say anything negative about this.
Heidi T.
Fast delivery and a super nice result!
Tiffany T .
Fantastic! Received my painting within a few days, on the original photo the whiskers fell away through his white chest, but these have been nicely repainted in the painting!
Julia S.
I came up with this present for my brother-in-law, initially as a joke because he loves his dog so much. However, when I received the design I was very impressed with the quality and resemblance to the dog. I think this will have a very nice place in the house. Highly recommended for people who would like to immortalize their pet in a super fun way!
Nathalie P.
Despite the 1st portrait that was less successful... Has your team done everything they can to still deliver the perfect result? Thanks to "My Cartoon Team"!!! Me happy ❤️❤️❤️
Bea H.
Very professional and good quality! I am very excited!
H.M. S.
I've wanted a nice picture of this old sweetie of my mother's for a long time. You did a fantastic job, it turned out so beautiful. And for when the dog is no longer there, a beautiful memory. I will be ordering more from my cats soon. Thank you for the beautiful work of art and wish you much success.
J d.
Good service. Great picture and a very happy daughter.
Tinneke M.
Super super beautiful! Definitely exceeds my expectations! Very fast delivery Really very satisfied
Helga R.
I found it quite difficult to choose a photo. But the editing is beautiful. The proportions are also perfect. Am super happy with it. Definitely recommend ordering here. Our Sam has been given a prominent place in our hall.
Emma D.
Super satisfied with the result!
Ceppie C.
it was a gift and my girlfriend was moved, so passed. thanks (also for the fast and good service)
Chantal D.
Very happy with my great photo! It stands proud in our kitchen! Can't beat anyone! Thank you really happy with it ♡
Arianne v.
Perfect and very nice result!
Marienel S.
The photo turned out very well! Exactly as I had hoped. The recipient was pleasantly surprised. In addition, I was very happy with the excellent e-mail contact. There was some time pressure, but everything turned out well.
Annemieke F.
Very satisfied with the result! The photograph of the dog has been turned into a work of art without losing what is so characteristic of this dog.
Saskia R.
I doubted for a while whether I would order the posters. "What if they don't look like my pets anymore?" or 'What if the connection with the clothing looks fake?' But I'm so glad I ordered them anyway. They turned out really well and they make me happy every time I look at them. Something went wrong with the order, but it has been repaired. Greetings Saskia
Marjolijn .
Really great job!!! Ordered the canvas and the photo was not very good but really well done!!!
Bert O.
Top quality! Very good photoshop work, super gift!
No V.
Fantastic!!! As if it is a real oil painting!!!
Virginie R.
Vraiment très ressemblant! Un super souvenir à garder de son animal de compagnie :)
L B.
Great photo received! Top quality! A must for every pet owner and a great gift to give!
S D.
Here is the photo of the created design on poster 40x60. Looks fantastic in our living room.
S D.
It took a while before we received our ordered 40x60 poster. after some adjustments, the result may be there. Thanks for the service, it looks fantastic.
Marja S.
Very well done, wonderful gift
Vanessa B.
Mister Clyde is a very majestic cat, I found such a painting very suitable for him. After much hesitation I placed my order but was afraid not to recognize my cat in the painting. But the result is spectacular! His eyes, that look, all my Clyde! Top work, thank you!

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