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Own photo in 3D Glass block - Portrait

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Note: the higher the quality of the photo, the better the result.

We will send a sample first before we start lasering. We hereby give you the opportunity to request changes 


Want to put your best photos and memories in the spotlight? Do you find hanging pictures framed on the wall or pasting them in a photo album old-fashioned and boring? With a 3D photo in glass you can make your most precious photos shine.

Let your photos shine with the light base or pillar!

Discover new dimensions in your artwork! The light base/pillar illuminates the glass so that your 3D Glass will shine beautifully.

Present your favorite photo in a stylish 3D glass block!

With innovative laser systems, the inside of the glass block is designed according to your photo. This is done without damaging the glass surface . This is how we transform your photo into a lifelike laser gift that will never wear out or fade.

  • First receive a sample by mail
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Order a unique 3D Glass now, great as a souvenir or gift!

Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as the approval is passed, the product goes into production immediately and we can no longer process adjustments for the portrait. Our design system is directly linked to the printing presses and this system cannot be interrupted. If approval is accidentally given, this is not reversible. We can (depending on the product type) give a discount for a reprint with the modified design. Please inquire about customer service via chat or via

If you have not yet received a trial design, you can cancel the order free of charge. If you have received the design and still want to cancel the order, you are entitled to a refund of 75% of the purchase amount. We retain the remaining 25% for the design costs incurred.

When ordering a canvas or plexiglass you will receive a free hanging set!

Yes. We regularly receive requests for unique designs that are not on the website. Feel free to send our customer service a message with your ideas and we will be happy to look at the possibilities with you

We work together with several production partners to be able to deliver the best quality quickly. If you order different product types, it is possible that the products are delivered separately. Are you still missing a product after a few days? Please contact customer service and we will check the current status.


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